March 16th, 2015

In a recent article of FORTUNE Magazine one of Orlando’s developing areas was featured as the leading example for what future city designs can replicate. The beautiful 7,000 acre area of Lake Nona has caught the eyes of many due to its innovation, superb business potentials and environmentally conscious designs. Lake Nona is comprised of a collection of graming new commercial and residential buildings adjacent to the Orlando International Airport. While still much under development Lake Nona has created nearly 5,000 permanent higher paying jobs, with 25,000 expected by 2029.

Lake Nona is known as “medical city,” which includes the University of Central Florida’s new med school, the renowned Sanford-Burnham institute. At the Sanford-Burnham institute dedicated research is focused on obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Alongside is the new $1 billion Veteran Affairs Hospital, Nemours Children’s Hospital.

FORTUNE interviewed Joe Lewis a British currency trader who owns Tavistock and is responsible for the Lake Nona vision. Lewis describes the project with great enthusiasm, “a special investment, beyond financial returns.” Predicting that it will improve a region where many of his family, friends, and colleagues live, he gushes that “it holds the promise to truly change the world with advancements which might spark from there.” Lewis roots to the Orlando area date back to when his restaurant and catering company, Hanover Grand, was considered to run the British concession at Disney’s Epcot Center. Lewis who came from a working class London pub owner became immensely wealthy, first by building his global restaurant business and later by becoming a currency trader who made great profits. Doug McMahon, senior managing director and chief marketing officer at Tavistock says about his friend and colleague Lewis: “He liked what he saw in Central Florida: opportunity, growth, and sunshine.”

Lake Nona is truly impressive. Its residential plan anticipates evnona nonaery personal and professional need with unlimited opportunities. Starting off with the prime location which is right next to the International Airport bringing an abundance of travelers. Homes start in the low 200,000 and can reach up into the high millions in the exclusive golf club area. Homes build in the Village Walk area are built on canals, a la Venice. Every home in the neighborhood has access to brand new schools, a YMCA, and community lounge areas. Thanks to the innovation of companies like GE and Cisco involved in the development, homes, businesses, and even street constructions are built using max efficiency alternatives. From LED street lighting, wiring building for smart energy use, and other features. In 2012, Cisco named Lake Nona one of nine “smart + connected” cities and the only one in the U.S.  For personal wellness, Johnson & Johnson is in charge with designing health and wellness initiative for residents, which will be monitored over a long-term health study.  Cisco’s executive vice president for industry solutions, says the company was attracted to Tavistock’s desire to create a new type of community living. “It’s not just competition economically and socially. More and more it’s going to be competition environmentally.”

So far, about 3,000 houses have been built, and a total of 11,000 are planned by 2026. At the moment a total of 30% of the residents work in the Medical City or at the airport; the other 70% is proof of the diverse opportunity that Lake Nona has broad appeal for an array of businesses. The sales rate is the best in the Orlando metro area, says Anthony Crocco, regional director at Metrostudy, a real estate research firm. If you are looking for a place to invest, or settle Lake Nona is the prime area to choose while it is still in the beginning phase.

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We Wish You a Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 13th, 2015


We want to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Keller Williams #1 Training Organization in the World

February 11th, 2015

Training Magazine named Keller Williams the world’s #1 training organization across all industries. Keller Williams was recognized for the growth, productivity and profitability gains resulting from its world-class education and training programs.


Providing education to associates is a core belief of Keller Williams that drives the success of the company and its associates. Keller Williams agents increased their sales in 2014 by 17 percent to $185 billion, which resulted in a 16 percent increase in commissions earned.

To ensure that the most effective models and systems are included in training materials, Keller Williams constantly renews its training programs. Information compiled from the proven models and systems of top agents and leaders in the field are incorporated into training programs.

Keller Williams Realty faces the challenge to guide thousands of new associates through training programs to ensure they get into production quickly and build their businesses. This creates more opportunities for them and more opportunities for their families.

Through training, associates are empowered to establish themselves as the expert in their local markets. Keller Williams offers training programs and courses to associates at all levels in their careers. Whether an associate is new to the real estate industry or leading a high-producing team, the wide selection of courses allows associates to select the training and coaching that will help them grow in their personal and professional lives.

Keller Williams developed an entire department focused solely on the creation of competitive real estate and business courses. This dedication to fostering agent success and continued learning has contributed to Keller Williams becoming the largest real estate franchise in the world.

Read more about Keller Williams and its commitment to training in the January/February 2015 issue of Training Magazine.

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4 Storage Solutions for Your Home

February 3rd, 2015

When you don’t have a basement and little extra storage, every square foot of your home is valuable. These storage solutions take advantage of underused nooks and crannies.


1. Under the Stairs

Stairway storage

Tuck pull-out drawers under sturdy stairs. They are ideal for extra linens, seasonal items, and little Charlie’s 2nd grade art projects. Each drawer provides about two square feet of storage.


2. Under the Mattress

Under the bed storage You can find everything at Ikea! This mattress from Ikea lifts to reveal enough space for your winter blankets and extra comforters! It provides about 20 square feet of storage.


3. Hidden Litter

Hidden Litter box The age old question when you have a cat is where to put the litter box. An inexpensive storage cabinet doubles as a hidden litter box for your cat. Put a small framed opening in the door and your guests don’t have to see (or smell) the litter.

4. Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper Storage Keep wrapping paper out of sight by suspending it from your closet ceiling on a simple cradle of wire. It’s easy to reach but won’t get torn or creased. In a closet that’s 6 feet wide by 2 feet deep, this trick makes 12 more square feet of storage


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January 21st, 2015
Lake Nona partners with Crystal Lagoons US Corp for recreational lake at resort. (Crystal Lagoons US, Corp.)

Lake Nona partners with Crystal Lagoons US Corp for recreational lake at resort. (Crystal Lagoons US, Corp.)

The Orlando Business Journal reports today that Tavistock Development has partnered with a company called Crystal Lagoons to construct a recreational “mega lagoon” in the Lake Nona area. The lagoon, which will be big enough for people to paddle board, kayak and sail in, will cover 11 acres, and it’ll be similar to lagoon projects that exist in exotic locales like Cabo San Lucas and San  Alfonso del Mar in Chile (in 2020, there should be a massive on in Dubai, as well). The Crystal Lagoons are basically crazy-big swimming pools designed to create beachfront property wherever a developer chooses to put it – the company’s website notes that it can bring an “idyllic beach life to locations previously unimagined.” The pools – which is what they are, and they even include massive liners that contain the water, so you aren’t touching any actual organic bottom when you’re in them – are remotely operated (by elves?) from a mysterious central location, which monitors water quality and mechanics, keeping them crystal clear and pristine-looking. Sounds like an environmental nightmare, we know, but the company insists that its pools are sustainable and eco-friendly, using less water than a typical golf course and fewer chemicals than most traditional pools would use. How can it be? See for yourself the new bit of witchcraft for rich people that’s coming to Orlando.

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